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Serck “Goes Big” on heat exchanger design and manufacturing

Natural gas supplies the energy needs of a number of key utility and industrial companies in Dubai. Gas compressor stations are an essential component for the uninterrupted flow of natural gas along a pipeline and form a critical part of the national power supply infrastructure in the UAE.

For this particular part of the cross-country pipeline project, the team at Serck was asked to contribute their heat exchanger design and manufacturing expertise for efficient pre-compression of natural gas.

National utilities around the world are always seeking to maximize value and efficiency for their citizenry, and this project was no exception.

In order to optimize available space and provide the most cost-effective solution for manufacturing and materials, Serck developed a heat exchanger design using two large heat exchangers (rather than a series of smaller units).

These mammoth units weigh in at 136,000kg each, with a shell thickness of 70mm!

The ability to both design and manufacture at any scale has been a key component of this project’s success.

If your critical industry or infrastructure projects could benefit from design and manufacturing support – for any size equipment – contact the expert team at Serck today.

Key Project Stats:

  • Materials: CARBON STEEL, SA765M GR.II ,SA179 (Tubes)
  • Weight: 135,660kg
  • Dimensions: 15,116mm X 1,925mm X 3,320mm
  • TEMA Type: NEN 
  • Codes and Certifications:
    •  ASME SEC VIII DIV. 1 ED. 2015 
    •  TEMA CLASS “R” 9TH ED. YEAR 2007 
    •  NACE MR 0175
  • Design Pressure bar(psi):
    • Shell Side:84.805 (1230)
    • Tube Side:84.805 (1230)
  • Code Stamp: ASME “U”

Heat Exchanger Design and Manufacture for very large heat transfer equipment