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We work across a variety of industries

Heat transfer is an integral part of nearly every process that involves manufacture, motors, and movement! Our many years of experience across industries and around the world means no matter where you are, or what your heat exchange needs, we can offer you the right solution.


Serck has many years’ experience in marine heat exchange technology and offers a comprehensive cleaning, repair and replacement service at ports in both the UK and Middle East.


Our expertise lies in the rail and specialist vehicle sectors, designing and manufacturing either single heat exchangers or cooler groups.


Customizable, complete radiator or core packages featuring compact designs to address the most extreme applications.

Industrial & Manufacturing

We have been trusted suppliers to steelworks, car plants and a wide variety of manufacturing companies for decades.

Oil & Gas

Serck Heat Exchange are experts in the demands of oil, gas, refining and petrochemical industries.


From our work in current nuclear power stations and through our links with the Nuclear Industry Association, our knowledge and experience in this field continues to grow


The Serck Heat Exchange team has many years’ experience in the design and manufacture of heat exchange equipment for the petrochemical industry.

Facilities Management

Serck has a wealth of experience in supplying facilities management companies; contractors and end users for all their HVAC needs.