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Serck has experience across a variety of industrial radiator applications, with a speciality in high-volatility environments, particularly around high ambient temperatures and sand and particulate exposure.

Construction is available in flat or serpentine fin designs, across a variety of materials.

With customers in oil and gas, excavation, mining and even snow-making, we have experience with both standard and custom-built units installed for both stationary and in-motion markets.

Oil Coolers

Serck’s all aluminum brazed bar and plate coolers are designed to cool high-pressure applications. The flexible bar and plate construction allows an infinite number of core configurations and sizes to custom design a solution specific to your exact requirements. These rugged, compact, light-weight coolers can be designed for a maximum pressure of 460 psi.

Skid-Mount Packages

Serck provides a range of custom engineered solutions to meet the requirements of all skid-mounted engine applications, and can incorporate charge air cooling, and oil cooling into a single custom design radiator assembly. These are manufactured using a variety of materials and coating solutions to suit the operating environment.

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