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Humidity control in your office or home is a crucial component of your total climate control solution. Not only is it essential for your comfort, but it’s also very important for your health and the maintenance of your building and contents. Too low and it can cause irritation of your skin, eyes, and nasal passages. Too high, and it can cause excess condensation, leading to indoor spaces feeling hot and stuffy, and potentially the growth of harmful mold and bacteria.

Humidity is the amount of moisture present in the air. The capacity of the air to hold moisture changes with its temperature. Therefore, any cooling or heating of the air affects its relative humidity level. The ideal humidity level for human comfort and health is between 30% to 50%.

When it comes to the health of your climate control equipment, humidity control also plays an important role.

High humidity in the ambient air inlet can cause high energy consumption in your air conditioning equipment. This is because the cooling power not only goes to cool the ambient air but also is spent on cooling the higher water vapor present in the air.

Humidity control as part of your climate control solution

There are a number of products available that can complement your air conditioning system, helping it run more efficiently and keep your indoor areas safer and more comfortable:

Heat PipesHeat Pipe

The main advantage with this equipment is that it has no moving parts and is activated by temperature, requiring no additional source of electricity. Thus, it can run with very low costs and is practically maintenance free. Not only will it lower the humidity of the ambient incoming air, but it also helps the air conditioning unit run more efficiently, saving energy overall.

Heat Recovery Wheels Heat Recovery Wheels

These coated Aluminum wheels conserve energy by transferring the heat and humidity between the exhaust outgoing air and the fresh replacement incoming air. No other energy recovery device can transfer as much heat or cold, or handle as much air volume. Heat Recovery wheels are highly recommended for humidity control and energy savings, and have become almost a must for green certified buildings.

Moisture Absorbing Pads

These pads contain moisture-absorbing elements, and are placed in cold rooms and air conditioning ducts to absorb moisture. They can have a huge absorption capacity, and can reduce humidity levels up to 35%. Once they are fully saturated they can very easily be regenerated using sunlight or heat. These are especially useful to help in reducing frost formation in cold storage rooms, thus keeping items fresh and crispy.

The correct humidity solution to complement the air conditioning in your climate control system will vary depending on your location and application. The most important thing to remember is your system and equipment should be designed specifically for your use case to give their optimum performance.

The climate control experts at Serck are leaders in humidity control and air conditioning solutions, including humidity control for air conditioning. Our experienced design team would be happy to recommend the solution that would be most optimal for your particular project. For a no-obligation site survey, contact us today.