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Rapid Response saves UK Chemical Manufacturer £50,000/day

Our client, a large UK chemical manufacturer, had six gas cooler assemblies in urgent need of refurbishment. Leaks in these units created a situation where the gas turbines on site were being damaged, costing tens of thousands of pounds a day in down time.

Within six hours of being contacted, Serck had arranged a 40-foot trailer and two field service personnel to attend the site and assist with lifting all six 3.5 ton units onto the truck – a massive undertaking on very short notice!

These units were taken immediately to our facility for testing and inspection to highlight the leaking areas. Daily updates to the client have given the customer peace of mind that all leaks will be resolved by a series of individual tube testing and plugging of the offending areas. Serck also proactively offered to undertake a full cleaning of the units and refitting of the deflector plates, to bring the units back to a standard as close to their original design specification as possible, saving the client further emergency maintenance work in the future.

All our international locations are equipped for rapid response servicing, because we know how damaging down-time can be.

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