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A fast turn-around replacement for vital oil field equipment

The Upper Zakum Oil Field is the largest oil producing field in ADNOC’s portfolio. It is also the second-largest offshore oil field and the fourth-largest oil field in the world.

In Upper Zakum there is a central complex which houses the processing facilities. Here, the Gas Treatment Plant (GTP) electrical rooms are cooled by specially designed chillers, including six custom-built outdoor air-cooled condensers. Thanks to rigorous maintenance, these units were in operation for 35 years. However, their condition had unavoidably deteriorated over time due to corrosion from the harsh environmental conditions.

Challenge: End-of-Life Equipment

During the previous Summer’s heat, the HVAC units were frequently tripping due to the compressors’ high discharge pressure, resulting in failure of the air conditioning for the GTP electrical rooms. This is an urgent concern as it directly affects the electrical control panel and related components in the gas treatment plant, leading to production loss in some cases.

Considering the age of the units, ADNOC Offshore asked the team at Serck to assist with new condenser coils for these outdoor units. In addition to the new condensers, the complete set including frame, fan base, top cover and fan guard needed all to be replaced along with the coil, as all these were corroded and beyond repair.

The Solution: Expert Engineering & Supply-Chain Management

The ADNOC team was rightly concerned. When they began the tender process for this project, they were repeatedly told by other suppliers that full fabrication would generally be a time consuming process and could take almost 6 months. Some even claimed it would be impossible to deliver all 6 units at once. Summer was soon re-approaching and ADNOC were at no liberty to take a risk for any potential production loss.

Thanks to a combination of understanding our client’s requirements and limitations, and calling on our years of experience in manufacturing and supply chain management, the Serck team were able to commit to delivering all six condenser sets in a very challenging time frame of 2 months.

The Result: A quick turnaround with minimal downtime

In the end, even amid all the Covid-related supply chain disruption, the Serck team was able to keep their promise, and finished the delivery within the agreed time frame. The ADNOC team couldn’t be happier and thanked us for our excellent commitment and support.

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